Only hospital in Southern Rajasthan & Western MP with dialysis facilities for acute & chronic renal failure under supervision of a Qualified Nephrologist. Our dialysis unit is equipped with four State of art, computerized Fresenius hemodialysis Machines. These machines are capable of doing all the different varieties of renal replacement therapies as per the need For the first time in Southern Rajasthan, we have started Dialysis facilities for HBsAg and HCV positive patients Qualified technician has got 15 years of experience who provides ancillary support, helped by a trained degree holder nursing staff. We perform dialysis for children as well as adults. Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis is also done where indicated. Required support for such patients is available 24 hours.

We also do plasmapheresis and plasma exchange in various indications.

We provides medical care to the patients who suffer from the disorders of kidney. It includes patient on chronic dialysis therapy or those who suffer from acute kidney failure. In addition, we provide renal replacement to the critically sick patients in the medical and surgical ICU’s. We have an 8-bedded inpatient nephrology ward with dedicated nephrology nurses. Our outpatient dialysis unit is well equipped with state of the art dialysis machines and reverses osmosis water purification system. The faculty is capable of performing all nephrology procedures including native and transplant kidney biopsies, temporary and permanent dialysis catheter and peritoneal dialysis catheters.

Treatments & Services

The Nephrology department at PSRI, engages in diagnosing and treating various diseases associated with kidney, including electrolyte disturbances, hypertension, Nephrotic syndrome, dialysis, renal replacement and renal transplantation Acute renal failure, chronic kidney disease; often discovered on routine blood test done for unrelated purpose. The department has state-of-the-art dialysis unit that provides renal replacement therapy (RRT) for OPD, IPD & critical care units. The unit operates 24x7 and provides the services using the latest equipment.